Health Care, especially in the developed countries, has made huge strides in terms of research & development of new products for the treatment of variety of diseases to help patients and improve their quality of life. With a sole objective of bringing these unique technologies in to India, the idea of creating a professional distribution company was born in the minds of some of the professionals with vast experience in the Indian healthcare segment laying the foundation of Life Med Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Life Med was founded in the year 2010 by a few professionals who have more than 30 years of cumulative experience in the world’s top leading medical devices and surgical companies.

    Life Med is dedicated to bring innovative, highly technical products designed to suit Indian Healthcare Industry. Life Med specializes in bringing in new concepts in the field of health care, adapting to Indian markets which makes it different in competitive world. Life Med acts as a primary distributor for various MNCs in India and provide channel partnerships for various top healthcare companies through its subsidiary, Venus medical technologies.

    Life Med specializes in the sales of Surgical consumables, Equipment and Diagnostic kits pan India level . Life Med represents BioDis,U.S.A and Bio Td,Costa Rica for their revolutionary Liquid based cytology product-Citofem in Indian, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh markets. Life Med also markets various innovative products in the field of minimally invasive surgery in India.

    Life Med is an expert in the field of Indian medical products sales and marketing both in Government and Corporate segments with its highly talented sales team who market these technologies directly to their customers and through its distributors across India.

    Lifemed speciality product ranges include technologies in Women’s Health, Surgery, Urology, Endoscopy, Peripheral Vascular , Wound Management, Trauma and other chronic and acute medical conditions with essential, cost efficient medical devices that provide effective clinical outcomes.

    Lifemed teams with global, diversified healthcare companies for this purpose making sure to help generate favourable patient outcomes, partnering with world class pioneers of Medical Consumable companies, engaging collaboratively with patients, healthcare providers, governments and non - government organizations to help change the lives of millions of people by providing safe , effective and affordable products.

    Our Vision
    • To provide the best in class services and support to our customers by partnering with the top healthcare MNCs across the globe
    • To be seen as the best business partner for the principals and customers ensuring better patient care by providing high quality professional and value added services.
    Our Mission

    We strive hard to make the latest technologies available in the health care delivery segment. We create platform for training and learning, for Health care professionals. We bring in quality products and patient-operator friendly technologies with world class service.

    Our Core Strength
    • People
    • Products
    • Customers